Dinner on the Yarra: Night Noodle Market

One of the things I most look forward to while traveling is finding delicious vegetarian food, so it was to my delight that I stumbled upon Night Noodle Market this evening.

While heading back into Melbourne CBD along the Yarra River, I noticed a bunch of people walking along Federation Wharf toward food tents. As this is Melbourne Music Week, I figured there was a concert happening. Instead of heading to get dinner at Vegie Bar as planned, I headed down to the wharf.

Was it a concert I had stumbled upon? No…it was an Asian food market – Night Noodle Market. From the lines that wrapped around the walkways, I can only guess Melbourne’s best restaurants and food trucks showed up.

Three tent areas spread across Birrarung Mair Park with music, food, and drinks. All ages from babies to seniors walked around eating and laughing. I had vegetarian dumplings and spring rolls with sweet chili sauce and a Coopers Pale Ale. Everything was delicious, well the beer could’ve been better. It veered more toward Miller Lite than a microbrew. Though to be honest I’m not sure Coopers is a microbrewery.

As the sun set behind the city skyline, I thought this is why walking without a map rocks!

  1. Mo I love reading your posts. Feels like we are tagging along on your adventure! Your writing is very descriptive and colorful. So fun for us to be able to follow along on your journey!!


  2. Love reading your adventures!! Your writing is so descriptive I can really picture it!! Can’t wait for your next blog:)


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