Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Each spring, the Tulip Festival celebrates one of the most enduring symbols of the Netherlands and Amsterdam. The 2018 motto was ‘a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam.’

During the month of April, over 500,000 colorful and sometimes rare tulips were on display along city streets, in the gardens of museums, private homes, and other city institutions. A walk or bike ride provided a new and exciting way to experience the city throughout all the quarters.

Scroll through to see the iconic Tulip as I did while experience this unique city and culture.

1) Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Tulips
Tulip pond in front of ‘I amsterdam’ sign at Rijksmuseum.

Tulip beds Rijksmuseum pond
Tulip beds in the Rijksmuseum pond.


2) Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Tulips welcome visitors into the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.


3) Botanic Gardens

Tulip in full bloom at Hortus Botanicus.


Butterflies at rest
Butterflies taking a quick rest in the butterfly greenhouse at Hortus Botanicus.


4) City Streets

Tulips Amsterdam
You’ll find colorful Tulips in bloom throughout the streets of Amsterdam.

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